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Badass Creation is a small company established since 2015 in Cork, Ireland that specialises in fine handmade leather goods. Each of our products are carefully handcrafted by highly skillful artisan.

Our offerings include custom motorcycle seats, classic wallets, mobile/phone covers, knife sheaths, belts and all kind of biker accessories. However, we also specialise in custom work. If you have a bespoke project in mind, we are here to help! Please feel free to contact us at anytime, we are here for you!

Why Leather

Leather Accessories always tell a story

Some would stay with you for life, like a trusty leather wallet. It could have accompanied you through a 1000's miles Long Way Round, or just that solo bike ride on last weekend. It could possibly be your soulmate, standing by you on one of those long, rainy days. We believe in crafting that concept. Expect only the best from us. Only the best leather accessory deserves to be your soulmate, that will accompany you through the hard knocks in life.

Each BadassCreation's piece is created to last.



Looking for a stylish leather piece for yourself or to give it to someone special?
Whether you already have art work or just an idea, we can transfer that into leather.
We do not have a warehouse lined with aisles of pre-made leather goods. After you fully customize your premium leather project, we meticulously hand create your order, stitch for stitch. This one of a kind piece sets the scene for your personal story.

Motorcycle Seats

Motorcycle Seats

Whatever it is - a new pan seat or new cover for your old seat - we do them all!

From the seat pan to finished product, every seat is made to the customer’s individual specifications and taste. The old seat could be reshaped and fitted with new foam if required.
For new seats we are using only custom made steel pans covered with combination of soft and closed cell polyethylene foam to make sure the new seat will be comfortable and resistant to mildew and bacteria.
All of our seats cover are hand crafted from premium veg-taned leather carefurry laced by hands with top range of calf lace.
It takes between 40-60 hours to craft each seat.



These aren’t your typical wallet.

We do all the carving, tooling, dyeing, and sewing personally by hand. Like everything else these are built to last a lifetime. Wallets are hand sewn using saddle stitching technique.
You can choose from any style: biker wallets, bi-folds, card wallets, clutches, purses etc.
But that's not all... we can create any style you like, just ask and we can design unique layout for you!
10-15 hours average goes into each piece. Prices start at €100 for tooled wallets.

Mobile Covers

Mobile Covers

Custom handcrafted to your choice of color and sized to fit your moibile phone or tablet

We are using plastic or gel cases designed for your specific phone. This case is then glued onto the crafted leather cover, it will allow a perfect fit and keep your phone secure all the time.
A typical mobile cover has 2 internal slots to carry few credit or business cards.
It takes around 4-5 hours to craft a cover. Prices start at €50

And much more...

And much more...

Do you need something else?...

No job too small... we can craft anything from pocked knife sheath to seadle bags and backpaks.
In our portfolio we have many guitar belts, keyrings, wristbands, watchstarps... but the imagination is our only limit!

Genuine Leather Goods
Top Quality Leather
Highly Skilled Artisan
Original Designs
Custom Made Products

— Contact us to to discuss your ideas —

Our Process

We take pride in everything that we make

At Badass Creation we use several assortments of leather that range from 3 ounces to 8.5. All pieces are cut and assembled by hand, which translates to a uniqueness specific to the leather used.
This combination of material and process ensures both durability and rugged-ness.

Research & design

Our bespoke service doesn’t start with leather and tools. Before all that comes something even more important: an idea and a little bit of imagination.
We will interpret your ideas and provide a proof of the artwork via email. You can approve it or make any changes that you want. This process will go back and forth as many times as necessary until the art is exactly what you want.


The design is first traced or drawn into the damp leather and then that same design is carved in with a knife deeply into the leather itself. The actual tooling of the pattern is the next and most time consuming, but also the most enjoyable phase. Then the tooled leather is allowed to dry.


Due to the nature of the leather and water-based dyes we used, no two pieces will ever be the same. Each item is distinctive in it’s colouration, and each will change and grow with its owner, creating a patina that is unique to you.
When applied to the hide it creates a beautiful mottled effect which highlights the natural markings of the leather.


Each of our products are hand sewn using traditional yet very strong technique known as saddle stitching. Saddle stitching involves the use of two needles and an awl. As the awl puncture through the hole created by the holes previously pricked, the needles are passed through and pulled tautly. There is a knot made by each pass-and-pull so that even if one thread comes apart, the rest of the stitching won't unravel.


We finish each product by hand to perfect every detail. Your accessory will be treated and finished with a conditioner and wax. It will allow the leather to interact with its environment, meaning that as your item ages its colouration will deepen and it will mature in appearance.


It is very hard to give an exact price due the fact that each piece is one of a kind and completely different from another. Simply as a guide most of our seats range from 250 to 800 euro and may be more or less depending on the job. Prices of wallets vary between 100 and 250 euro. Guitar straps starting at 100 euro. It is always the best to contact us and ask and we will be able to give you a right price based od your idea.


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